Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Has it been that long?'s been a while since I've been on here! I've been at work more than usual, for one. Myself and three other nurses from my floor were asked to attend the Central California Critical Care Consortium two days per week for five weeks. This is the last week and tomorrow is the last day of the consortium. I learned a lot, but I have to admit that I'll be happy when it's back to life as usual. Besides that, though, it's really just been life keeping me busy. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day to get the things done that I'd like to accomplish. I have my regular ol' housework (like the three baskets of laundry on the dining room table that are staring at me as I type), plus my ever-growing list of projects that need either starting or finishing. I have a couple of crochet projects to finish, pillows to sew for the sofa (out of a fabulous piece of material that I got on sale at Joann), an ottoman to recover, and end table to sand and paint, and a skirt to sew. The end table was a curbside trash find. Twice yearly in Fresno, each block has a time when they can put almost anything at the curb to get trashed. Most of it is really garbage, but some things are nice and useable, things that you look at and think "Now what is THAT doing on the curb?" Anyway, this little piece is EXACTLY what I've been looking for to use for our bedroom. With some sanding and paint, it should be beautiful! Also scored at the curbside was a recliner and reclining loveseat set. We had been scavenging craigslist for the last couple of months trying to find a loveseat or futon for the TV room. Well, here was one free on the curb! They're khaki microfiber, and were disgustingly filthy but functional and in otherwise good shape. So we threw one in the van and went back for the other and brought them home. Three bottles of alcohol (good for cleaning microfiber in case you didn't doesn't leave those unsightly water rings), a half-bottle of Febreeze (it smelled a bit like chicken grease), and a LOT of elbow grease plus a neck cramp later, we have two very nice, clean, functional, good-smelling pieces of furniture! The loveseat is in the TV room and the recliner is in the living room. It is almost exactly the same as our set, so it blends in nicely. And you can't beat free!

I have to say, one great thing about living in California is the variety of produce that is grown locally. People bring everything from plums to persimmons to pomegranates to work off of their trees because they have more than their family can use. I love pomegranates! Even Trav likes them, which is amazing because he rarely tries anything new. So yummy, sweet with just the right amount of tart, and loaded with healthy benefits!

We added to our family this month! We adopted Delilah, a little Australian Shepherd/Queensland mix puppy! We were going to name her "Roxy", but when we met her she didn't look like a "Roxy", so she went nameless for a time. Then Trav pipes up and says jokingly "We should name her 'Delilah', since you pressed me daily to get her...hahaha." I looked at her and said "That's perfect!" He thought I was kidding, but it really suits her. So, Delilah it is, Lilah for short. She is super mellow and gets along great with the kids and Ziggy. Ziggy is so everlastingly patient with her. I looked out the window to the back yard a couple of days ago to see Lilah hanging from Zig's upper lip by her puppy teeth, and he just had this patient look on his face as if he was thinking "Surely she can't hold on forever..." She housebroke fairly quickly as soon as she got the hang of the doggy door. She's already obeying basic commands and is a sharp little critter. We're so glad to have her!

I'm pouting today. Wanna know why?? Because Ina May Gaskin is going to be in Sarasota, that's why. Ina May Gaskin is a midwife, authoress, and all-around amazing lady. Born in Sarasota's Laura Gilkey outlines her schedule while she's in town, in case anyone out there reading is in the area and doesn't already know about her visit. What I wouldn't give to be there...

Nighty night time.