Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Well, 2011 is officially coming to a close.  It's hard to believe, as it feels like the year just started (with me awaiting the birth of my youngest).  In less than a week we will celebrate my babe's first birthday, and a few weeks later the fourth birthday of my middle son.  Amazing.

As for me, I've been AWOL due to end-of-term followed by a week-long trip to the in-laws followed by some time off with the family for the holidays.  I return to work on Monday.  *sniff*  I wish I could just stay home.

I've been off Whole30 since Christmas and have not been running regularly for a couple of weeks, again due to holidays and trying to get things done while I'm home.  I can't WAIT to go back to Whole30 on the January 1st! 

I have a couple of resolutions for this year.  The first is to do two Whole30's back-to-back for a total of 60 days.  I can't think of any way to start the year out better health-wise than to eliminate junk from my diet again.  Although I've been staying off of dairy and (for the most part) grains, I've had sweets and forbidden foods off and on over the last few weeks.  C'mon, green eggs and ham and french toast for Christmas breakfast/brunch is a tradition!  (as are peanut butter balls and ginger-pecan biscotti).  In spite of all of the above, I haven't gained an ounce and have continued to eat well between treats.  The second is to complete C25K and Ease into 10K.  I'm going to go back to week 3 and start from there to get back into the groove next week.  Then my third resolution is to run my first half-marathon (the Two Cities half-marathon) in November of 2012.  I know I can do it.  And I can't wait to cross that finish line and hang my medal on my board of inspiration!

I'm trying to get organized for the coming term (which starts in a week and a half).  In the process of this, I decided to steal an idea from a fellow student and post my program of study on here.  You'll find it in the left-hand column.  I am exactly two years away from being done with school, if I finish on their timeline.  That's two years away from boards.  Two years is NOT long!  I'd actually like to finish a little sooner if possible.  I have a minimum of 675 clinical hours to complete.  If I gauge it just right and end up having to do just that many or slightly more, I'll need about 4.5 months to finish all clinicals at the rate of 40 hours per week (full time).  I don't know yet where I'll be doing clinicals or the work circumstances I'll have going on when I'm doing them, but  if I could do more hours I could get done sooner.  I don't know.  We'll see. 

Anyhoo, back to cooking and organizing!