Saturday, May 5, 2012

5K race? Check!

Well, I get to check something off of my New Year's Resolution list today...I ran my first 5K!  And afterward I felt great and still had energy.  As Susan, my quasi-coach, coworker, and friend says..."We finished in the upright position, without vomiting, and wanting to do it again!"  I was nervous about finishing without taking a walk break, I'll admit it.  But I did it!  I'll tell you what, having cheerleaders every mile was nice, and coming down the final leg to the finish line with people cheering for you and clapping is an awesome feeling!  

Before the race...

 After the race!  A little more red in the face, but otherwise no worse for the wear!
It was also a pleasure to have been able to do some fundraising for such a wonderful group.  It was a solemn thought...after the race and festivities they released balloons with messages attached to the little ones that we've lost.  There were a lot of balloons.  To think that every person there had been touched by the loss of a baby...solemn indeed.

The boys did great in their races, too!  They got little medals and I'm hanging their bibs on the wall in their room.  As for's on my Board of Inspiration on the wall beside my desk.  :)  Oh, and I'm off Whole30 for the weekend, starting back on Monday.

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