Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rolling (and running and studying) merrily along...

Warm weather has returned to the Valley!  I'm not especially happy about this as I'm a definite cold-weather gal and I detest the insane power bills that are sometimes unavoidable in the summer in an area where triple digits are the norm.  But warm weather brings pool fun and summer vacation for the boys, so I'm happy about that.  As things heat up I'm going to have to either get used to running in the heat, buy a treadmill, or join a gym.  

Speaking of training, not only is my first 5k only TWO WEEKS from now (squee!), but Trav and I are going to sign up for the Warrior Dash in Hollister happening this October.  I'm really excited about this as it gives me a goal toward which to train.  I've learned that that is THE key to sticking with working out...I need a goal.  Not just a weight loss goal, but a point on a timeline at which I MUST be finished with something that requires training.  Registering for the Angel Babies 5k has really helped me break through my running barriers and keep going.  Oh, and if you'd like to donate to support this wonderful group and us as we run, please click here.  I'm only 2 weeks from the run and only at 10% of my fundraising goal...yikes! Anyhoo, there is a group from the Neuroscience unit who is signing up for Warrior Dash (along with their spouses and even grown children), and we're going to run it together.  It is a 5k obstacle course (think Tough Mudder but only half of it), and I'm going to really have to work on my upper body and core strength in order to complete it.  Oh, and we'll get a fuzzy Viking helmet and a metal when we stinkin' cool is that?

This is not us...just so ya know...

I'm two weeks in to this Whole30, feeling great and going strong.  True to my usual stick-with-it routine, I weighed myself this morning (yeah, I know, I know...not supposed to weigh for 30 days...but it helps me stay encouraged!!).  I started this Whole30 at 186 lbs (yup, put a few pounds back on during my week off last time), and I am now 178!  I have broken the 180's plane!  Woohoo!  Not only that, but this number puts me only 4 pounds away from my first weight loss goal of 174 lbs.  The link is to my blog post explaining my goals and why I set them.  So, 36 lbs down, 4 more to go till 40 lbs/BMI category of "overweight" instead of "obese"/first goal!  My first goal also puts me just short of the halfway point in my weight loss journey.  NOW, I know that the point of Whole30 isn't weight loss...weight loss follows if you're eating healthier and have excess weight, naturally.  So I have to put in a plug for the health effects of eating clean.  We got a bug.  Typical cold/upper respiratory crap.  And it has been so mild for me that I've wondered several times if it wasn't just allergies.  I've been drinking Kombucha every day and eating well and drinking plenty of water...and it just seems like I'm kicking this bug better.  Nice.  Oh, and I'm not bloated and icky-feeling.  Nice, too.

My scars from my accident have proven to be a pain in the butt...or ankle/shin to be exact.  The area where the boat prop severed three tendons in my ankle has become filled with scar tissue, and the posterior shin splints that I was getting were improving but still present.  Certain movements were causing my ankle to literally lock up and I'd be hobbling around like I had injured myself.  So I went to Ruste, my trusted, wonderful, best-ever-in-the-world chiropractor.  She does crazy myofacial release and I was hoping that she could work wonders on the scar tissue in my ankle.  And work wonders she did!!  It nearly made me cry, and I broke out in a cold sweat from the pain, but I have NONE of the problems that I had before!  Love that lady!

Long-winded post, I know.  But I have one more thing to add.  I joined the birthy group in the area, the Childbirth Resource Network.  This is something that I've been wanting to do for a long time, but I always felt that I wouldn't really be settling here, so why bother?  Well, we've been here for 4 years, so I figured it was time to stop procrastinating.  I want to be involved.  I want to be a part of the change.  I want to help.  I'm excited.

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