Thursday, April 5, 2012

Was it really worth it?

Creme brulee at Fleming's?  Bread?  Cheese?  Holy moly, I have felt like crud for the last 24 hours.  But it was sure fun while I was partaking!  I woke up congested and feeling generally bad, didn't drink hardly any water today, didn't eat really great today either (as in an egg and sausage for breakfast with no veggies, two hard boiled eggs and cantaloupe for lunch), then went running when I got home from work.  I increased again, running in 9-minute increments.  I really feel like I'm getting past some invisible duration hump!  However, around 2.5 miles in my inner calves along my shins started cramping up.  I sat down for a minute and massaged out the muscles.  I attribute this to eating poorly for the last day and drinking next to no water...I think my muscles just didn't have the fuel to make it through!  I did, however, finish my run and didn't bail out in my increase.  Woohoo!  Go me!  Oh, and Whole30 starts again tomorrow.  Booyah.

So, my buddy-ol-pal has entered the blogosphere!  Please go show The Clucky Housewife some love!  She's a real hoot, a fabulous woman, and a wonderful momma to her chicks.  And she has an amazing VBA2C story that will bring tears to your eyes!  I've been friends with her since she was pregnant with her first baby (and me with my second), so I've gotten the privilege of seeing her make the journey that she has made to being an informed, strong, knowledgeable mother.  Go watch her stories/montages about her c-sections, her plan to homebirth, then the subsequent birth of their third.  It's worth your time.   

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The Clucky Housewife said...

awww thanks Jess! You're so sweet! :-) I''m so glad we became friends 5 years ago! (has it really been that long??) I can't imagine life without you! <3