Sunday, December 2, 2012

My December Whole30

Just got back from a 2-week trip to visit family in Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  I was doing well with Paleo eating (not Whole30, but Paleo) up until the trip, and was holding steady in my weight.  Now only 2 short weeks of NOT clean eating later I have gained 8 lbs and have terrible sugar cravings.  So, back on Whole30 I go.  My sis-in-law is joining me this time...always nice to have a partner in crime.

I'm trying to take pics of what I eat this time around, just for kicks.

So on my first day, I do not feel exceptionally hungry, but am jittery and shaky and full of sugar cravings.  I have never had a first day feel this bad.  Whew!  And I've already overdone it a little in the fruit department today (even though I've mixed them with proteins/meals rather than eating them straight up, I've had a banana and an apple today plus a bite of a dried fig roll).  No more fruit today, and no more than one piece and a little dried fruit max from now on.

That's it for now.  I haven't posted for a loooong time because life has been so busy.  Getting near the end of midwifery school, contemplating my future, possibly moving, etc.  It's a lot to think about.