Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Start with the end in mind

That's what we're supposed to do, right?  Start with the end in mind.  Or so says Covey.  I won't lie...I've never read the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, but I think the principles are pretty good.  If you have never heard of this before, the 7 habits are:

1.  Be proactive - your life doesn't just "happen", you are responsible for your own life, and the choices are yours to make.

2.  Start with the end in mind - this will help direct your goals to the things that matter and give you a vision.

3.  Put first things first - the physical work toward your mental vision...it's all about balance.

4.  Think win-win - our worth is not based on comparison or competition, and cooperation with other people is a good thing!

5.  Seek first to understand, then to be understood - it's all about listening.

6.  Synergize - two are better than one, teamwork is better than attacking single-handedly.

7.  Sharpen the saw - pay attention to you, self-renewal and inner balance is as important if not more so than the goals we have...because without these we will inevitably "hit the wall".

So I'm starting 2013 with its end in mind.  Where do I want to be, what do I want to complete in this year?  I'm hoping this will be the year a year of completion for me.  I want to meet my health and wellness goals.  I want to finish school (my finish date will depend on how quickly I can finish my clinical hours).  I have goals for my family that I'd like to meet.  I want to run several races and even complete a Tough Mudder.

I have a lot that I'd like to do, but I can't really what my true resolutions are yet for this year.  I suppose my main resolution is to be effective in the many facets of my life.  To finish my days having worked toward my many goals.  To not let circumstances get in the way, but to find solutions and move forward.  To listen and have patience and learn every day.

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