Saturday, September 5, 2009

My September...

This is going to be a good month. I just have a feeling about it. It's starting off well, and, well...I guess I just have high hopes. This month brings my 28th birthday, as well as my husband's 33rd and my Dad and Mom's ::not telling:: birthdays. I'm terrible at remembering birthdays, so if I forget, I'm sorry! I love you and I'm thinking about you and I remember NOW...does that count? My first boyfriend had his birthday in September (the 29th...our parents used to celebrate our birthdays together, as mine is the 26th). My late grandmother's birthday is also in September. I never got to meet her. September brings the change in seasons, the cooling of fall, and for us in California, the hope of rain soon, as water supplies are dwindling and forest fires are raging. The days are getting shorter, and soon the time will be changing. I like September.

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