Monday, February 2, 2009

A day of driving and thinking...

We made our trip to San Francisco today, 2.5 hours one way, 5-6 hours round trip! That leaves a lot of time for me to talk and think and crochet. I finished my red wool tam, and I like it quite well! I would have taken a pic of it actually on my head (I wore it most of the day today), but I'm oiling my hair right this second and don't want olive oil all over my nice new creation. Came out rather nicely, did it not? It's mostly a double crochet, with a little accent close to the headband part, then the headband was decreased and a single crochet, with an eyelet row for a tie so it's more adjustable and doesn't slide around as much. Me likey! I'm going to have to make one in black or some other less bright color now, so I can wear it to work. I hate wearing my hair up all of the time, and this would allow me to wear it "down", but it would still be contained. Trav likes it, and tells me I'm turning into more of a hippie every day. I'm assuming that's a compliment?

After I write this post, I'm going to go back and see if I can paste in some pics of stuff from a couple of posts ago into the original post without totally screwing it up. My camera died and I couldn't find the battery charger while we were in Newport Beach, so I'm bugging my mother-in-law to email me pictures of Donna's t-shirt yarn bag. I love it so much! I totally wanted to keep it!

So, on to the "thinking" part of the trip. I'm so glad that I have a husband who's so supportive of my desires to go back to school! We've both gotten to the point where we can't imagine life any other way than me being a midwife. That's so awesome. Anyhoo, I'm not going to go on and on about midwifery, for once. We were discussing, instead, how we envision our life in the future. We hope to live on a decent plot of land, 5 acres at the minimum, hopefully more like 10+. We would love to have animals...chickens for laying, a milk cow for dairy and to hopefully calve once a year, providing us with meat for the freezer, a couple of goats (also for milk), maybe a few sheep for the wool, and a couple of horses for pleasure. We want a large garden, and fruit trees, and an herb garden. We want a simple life, one filled with family and the service of others. Our hope is that Travis will be in the ministry in some capacity, pastor or assistant pastor perhaps. And of course, I will be a midwife, with a home visit practice and hopefully with a birthing home. For all of our animals, we'd have to have a decent barn. It would be totally awesome to build a bunkhouse in the loft of the barn, like we had at the old 2x4 Ranch. It just had a bathroom, a ktichenette, and 4 "bunk" areas, for sleepovers and guests. Trav wants to be able to hunt, and we want to be able to build an awesome treehouse for the kiddos. We would both be in positions of service, and our living situation would also allow us to serve others. We could offer food to those without, our of our freezer, garden, and pantry (canning...woohoo!). We could offer shelter to someone who needs a hand to get on their feet, giving them privacy and allowing us to help without having people in our actual home (bunkhouses rock...). We would be almost totally self-sustaining, as far as food and basics go. I really hope our lives end up this way.

Trav took long enough from gaming to look at some pics of hennaed hair, and he's O.K. with it! So, I'll be placing an order, then I'm sure will have pictures to follow!

Trav just emptied the trash (being the good man that he is), and made a terrible face. Gavin is crying because he wants to play with the garbage, I guess. Travis told him that he doesn't want to play with it, because if it sat for much longer, it would have grown legs and hurt him! Ick...

I'm working two days, off one day, then working three days, so I don't think I'll be blogging that much for the next week-ish. Well, I'm off to shower the oil out of my hair...ta-ta for now!

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