Friday, February 13, 2009


I did it. I hennaed my hair. I took "before" pics, and am photo-documenting my adventures thru henna-land. I actually just stepped out of the shower from rinsing it all out, and since it's still wet, I'm going to wait till the morning to snap an "after" pic. And, according to my research, henna oxidizes after it's on the hair and darkens to a deeper shade after 3-4 days, so I suppose I'll have to take another pic then. Right off the bat, I LOVE the results!! I got 400 grams of Punjabi Prime body-art quality henna from, which was more than enough for my mid-back length hair. I actually only mixed up 300 grams, and still have a baggie of mix left over in the freezer for root touch-ups. So that leaves me with 100 grams to do with as I please...there are some girls at work who want to try it, so I might give them some. Or I might try a little bit of body-art on my feet and see how that goes. Or I might just hang onto it for the next henna episode. I have to say, it was a bit messier than I thought it would be, and SO heavy! Once I had my hair up in a saran-wrapped beehive, it weighed a least 5 lbs more than it normally does! It felt so good to wash it out. Next time I might recruit Travis, or see if there's a salon in the area that would apply it for me if I bring in the mixed henna. Anyhoo, I'll post pics over the next day or so.

On the workfront, all is well. My manager has officially offered me a full-time day position as staff, and HR is supposed to call me tomorrow to give me an offer. We'll see how all that goes. I DO know that they're not planning on using travelers on that floor anymore past the summer. There will be travel positions available elsewhere in the hospital, but I want to stay on the 9th floor. I like it there. If for some reason I don't take the staff job, I MIGHT be able to extend once, but after that I'll have to leave. I hope we get to stay.

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