Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What is with my boys and loving to spill things on me? Travis is forever knocking into my elbow and making me spill my coffee, water, etc. Deklan is always spilling and dripping on me. Gavin...well, I can't blame him because he's a baby. But it seems that I can't make it thru a single day with dry clothes.

*sigh* I have some sewing projects to do. I found a pattern for turning prefolds into fitteds, and I think I'm actually going to do it. I also have 4 more slings to make, and a shirt to alter for my sister. I also found a really cool crochet pattern for hacky sacks...I'd like to make some for Deklan. And I'm thinking that I'll make a wool soaker and see how it goes. I found a pretty good free pattern online, so I want to give it a go.

We had a little graduation party for my lil'sis tonight. It was nice to spend a little time with the family and play some cards....

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