Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wish I could have stayed...

The benefit last night was awesome! I wish I could have stayed longer, but I had to get home so Travis could go to work. I brought Gavin with me, and everyone loved my sling! I got to see a lot of friends and make some new ones...Carmela was the live entertainment (I seriously need to get a CD), and people actually bought raffle tickets for the bag I made!!! :) It makes me so happy to know that someone besides me liked it enough to buy it! My sis, Janna, also graduated from SPC yesterday. The whole thing brought back such memories. It was almost 6 years to the day that I walked that same platform. Then 3 weeks later I got married! *sigh* It made me look at myself (wearing a baby and holding the hand of my 3.5 year old) and think about how much those 6 years has changed me. I wonder what the next 6 years hold for me?

So, there's been a rash of "How old do I look?" posts in TAO on MDC. I wonder how old I look. Maybe I should ask them? I seriously look at my wedding pictures and think I look 10 years older, at least, when it was only 6 years ago.

I hate folding laundry. And putting it away. And hanging it up. Besides diapers. :) I love looking at a nice, clean, fresh stack of prefolds and pockets! I could do without folding all of the wipes, though. ;)

I still have a bunch of sewing projects to do. I'm waiting to see if my friend, Sarah, is going to have a boy or a girl. She should be having her US soon, and she's going to find out. Oh, and I also found out that my BFF, Lolo (Laura) is preggo again! And so is her sis April!! I'm so happy for the both of them, as they both lost their first to stillbirth, one to miscarriage. My heart still breaks for them, but I'm also revelling in their joy with them!

I can't wait till I'm finally a midwife! I know, it's years away. But I just can't imagine doing anything else with my nursing education than going futher with it and becoming a midwife. Not to mention that I LOVE having babies, being at births, etc. I SO wish I could be with Lolo when she has her bub in December, but we'll be in California by that time, so I won't be able to. Maybe with their second. I just can't wait to do something that I LOVE. I like nursing. I would LOVE to be a midwife!

Deklan just came up to me, pinched his nipple, and said "Look, Mommy. I have tiny boobs!" Oh, geez!

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