Monday, May 5, 2008

The future...

I'm so excited! I talked to the people at Agostini today, getting the ball rolling to get out to California! What's more, the lady that I spoke with knows about the school that Travis wants to go to (Shasta Bible College) because her mom went there! She's going to dig up the file that I had with them 3 years ago and email me with the info that needs to be updated. I'm jumping out of my skin, I'm so excited! I know that it's just the beginnings, but it's so cool to be back in this position again, gearing up for yet another adventure. And THIS adventure will allow us to save up enough money for a good downpayment on a house! I know I'll be sick and tired of the hours and the work, etc. in 6 months or so, but two years is a small price to pay to realize our dream of owning our home. I've also been digging around on the Frontier School website today (for Midwifery) and been thinking about the idea of 4 more years of school. Again, a small price to pay for the realization of my dream of being a midwife. I'll have to do their ASN to MSN bridge program first, which is a year, then 2-3 years thru the midwifery program. With 2 (or potentially 3!) kids, I can't see myself blazing thru it in 2 years. But who knows? Maybe it'll work out that way. I'm looking at the long run, and realistically, I'm about 6 years from where I really, REALLY want to be in Michigan, in our own home, and finished with midwifery school. I'll be 33 years old. That's not too bad! If we spend two years in CA, I'll be around 29-30 when we buy our first home. Travis will be 34-35. That's not too bad, is it? In these 6 years that we've been married, we've learned so much! About people, about life, about's really exciting to look at the prospect of being out of debt with money in the bank for a downpayment and being able to apply all that we've learned! After we have a house, I want to get pregnant again. Then most likely, I'll end up pregnant again toward the end of midwifery school. That would be decent timing, I guess. One at the beginning, one at the end!!! Then we'll most likely be done childbearing (but who knows??) and I can concentrate on working a little more as time goes by. *sigh* In 6 years, Deklan will be 10 years old, and Gavin will be 6.5! I can't even imagine my boys being that big!

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