Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

*sigh* This Mother's Day was a little rough. Well, it was basically just like any other day...cranky kids, tired me, house needs cleaning, etc. Trav was working last night so he was sleeping today, which gave me no relief. Well, that's real life for you! Maybe one of these days I'll actually be treated with the opportunity to sleep in and have breakfast in bed!

Well, the NHL playoffs are on. Detroit has been dominating, and I'm hoping they win the cup this year. I think it'll be Detroit vs. Pittsburgh for the finals. That would be a good final series for sure!

Even though my day hasn't been the best, I'm sitting here looking at my boys...Gavin is laying on the floor "talking", and Deklan is tickling his feet, making him laugh. Every time Gavin laughs, Deklan announces "He laughs!!" Deklan is in his pj's, and they're both looking pretty darn cute right now. We make cute kids.

I've been looking at some spinning wheels today. I can't wait till I can actually start working on my "To Do/Learn" list. These are the contents of my list so far:
1.) Learn how to sew diapers really well.
2.) Get an embroidery machine and learn how to embroider/applique.
3.) Knit some woolies for Gavin.
4.) Learn how to batik.
5.) Learn different ways of dyeing/painting fabrics and raw materials (wool, angora, cotton...)
6.) Apply my newly-acquired batik/dyeing/painting skills to my ring slings.
7.) Set up an Etsy site for some of my stuff.
8.) Make some really groovy clothes with my new groovy skills (hand-batiked/dyed/painted).
9.) Crochet some produce bags.
10.) Learn how to work with paper...specifically, I want to make my own calling cards with Deckled edges.
11.) Learn how to spin wool, angora, and cotton (which would require purchase of a spinning wheel).
12.) Learn how to tie-dye in really cool patterns.
13.) Learn how to watercolor.
14.) Learn how to make pottery. My goal is to make my own dishes.

So, how's that for a master list? Yes, it does seem as if I want to be a jack-of-all-trades. I'm sure I'll be adding more stuff to the list as time goes by. I have so many creative ideas, I just lack the time and the means to make them happen at the moment. Maybe I'll have to wait until after California to do these things. Maybe I'll get into some of it while I'm there as a creative outlet for my stress. In any event, I'd love to do (or learn to do) these things. The ideas are literally overflowing...I write them all down so I won't forget.

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