Sunday, April 12, 2009

Travis is blogging!

Trav has been poking fun at me for the last year for my activity online, my forums and blogging.  Now guess who's hooked!!  Bwahahahaha!!!  He's all over his favorite forums and has not one but TWO blogs that I set up for him.  I have told him several times in the past that I love my blog, not because people actually read it, but because it's a way to get my thoughts out in print so I can rest my brain.  When I have insomnia because my thoughts are racing, I blog.  When I have a good idea or I'm excited about something, I blog.  When I'm happy or sad about something, I blog.  It's such a good way to keep a journal, while keeping family members apprised of your life goings-on, and is WAY faster to type than to write, or for me it is anyway.  I took a typing test the other day and I type about 60 words per minute with good accuracy!  Woohoo, I've still got it!!  I  took typing in 9th grade and I am still a little bit good at it!

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