Sunday, October 16, 2011

Breath of life

I think it's safe to say that any birthy folk who read my blog probably also follow Rixa Freeze's blog, Stand and Deliver.  She is a brilliant lady, and I started following her blog before I had one of my own.  I have to say that hers is much more interesting than mine.  Ha.

Well, I really got caught up in life for the past, work, new baby, family...and I kinda dropped out of the blogosphere.  I came on occasionally to post, and even less frequently to read.  So before I took my blogging vacation, I saw that Rixa was pregnant with her third baby.  I JUST NOW finally went back to read the birth story of her third baby (who is somewhere around 6 months old now...bad me).  It was truly touching.

They had a midwife, but birthed unassisted.  After three births, I have to say that this is my dream for my next (and likely last) pregnancy and birth.  But the most moving part is in the third video clip in her "Inga's Birth Story Part 1" post.  We get the honor of viewing her laboring, first out of and then in the tub.    When her baby is born and doesn't begin breathing after a while, she gives her baby a few of her own breaths...calmly, in the tub, placenta still in, cord still attached...

Her baby perked up (and toned up and pinked up) and let out a raucous cry.  As I viewed this, that swell of a mother's love and intuition swept over me like a wave.  Thank you, Rixa, for letting us into your life for such an intimate moment.  And thank you for showing us that even when things don't go exactly as planned, they can often be addressed and helped in a calm, trusting manner.

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