Saturday, October 22, 2011

When I'm a midwife, please remind me...

1.  Not to be judgmental of other's choices (Explanation:  When I had my well-woman visit yesterday with an NP who I didn't know, I was talking about birth control preferences, etc.  She said "And you don't have any children, correct?"  I said "Oh, no...I have three." She came back with "So the WHY do you want more children?"  Really, lady?  Rude.)

2.  Be understanding of other's preferences (Explanation:  At afore-mentioned visit, when I stated that I preferred non-hormonal birth control for various reasons, all I got was plug after plug for hormonal birth control in the form of pills and IUDs because that's what they carried and that was the NPs preference.  I already said I'd like to avoid them, thank you, and gave you the reasons why.  I'm a nurse.  I'm educated.  I know my meds and my side effects and risk vs. benefit.  I didn't come to be preached at about what YOU think is best for me, I came to discuss options within my comfort zone.  Thank you.)

3.  Not preach my preferences at other people.  Present the information as appropriate, then let my client decide based on the information and her preferences.  (Explanation:  See #2)

4.  Have office personnel with personality.  (Explanation:  The medical assistant at yesterday's visit barely made eye contact, barely spoke to me, didn't tell me my weight or blood pressure but simply wrote them down and walked away.  Weird.)

Those little tidbits are just from one office visit.  I should keep a running log of these comments and situations...I run into them on a regular basis and always tell my husband "When I'm a midwife, please remind me..."

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Anonymous said...

La Dee Dah:

Good points to remember when you start to practice. I am an OB/GYN NP with 30 years of experience. I will say it takes practice, as many people make choices you don't agree with or they try to make you decide for them. I am all about empowering my patients to decide.

Good luck