Thursday, March 26, 2009

Computers and kiddos...

Well, here I am, typing my first blog on our brand new Mac!  Yup, we've made the switch from PC to Mac...a difficult transition, I'll tell you.  Not because I LIKE our PC, mind you, just the switch in operating systems, and this little Mac keyboard.  We still have our old faithful Gateway, we're just sick to death of the bugs that have come along with Vista.  Vista is the devil.  Really.  It has its perks, but they're not perky enough to make us stay with PC!  Right now Trav has both computers set up on the desk while he continues to overhaul his Revelation project...he calls it his "command center".  Then the Mac will be our day-to-day computer and the PC will be my school computer.  We're going to keep it, de-buggify it, and upgrade it so Trav can do his PC gaming and all, and I won't have to worry about the computer spontaneously shutting down every few minutes because of a bug that we're currently fighting.  So, I'm going to spend part of the night tinkering around in Mac-world, trying to get familiar with it.

So, I ended up having to take Deklan to an urgent care Sunday.  He's been sick for a couple of weeks, and while the rest of the family got over the flu after a couple of weeks, Deklan just never got better.  So he ran a fever for two days Friday and Saturday, then Sunday was his first day without a fever.  I thought we were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when he broke out in a rash.  I had seen this rash was scarlet fever.  My poor little man had strep!  So, off to the Doc, a super nice guy, who took one look at his throat and tonsils and pronounced my diagnosis correct, looked at the rash and confirmed scarlet fever, gave him a shot of Rocephin and a prescription for Amoxicillin and we were on our way.  Deklan is already so much better, back to his rambunctious self.  I missed him!  Gavin is almost well, his cough has turned dry and his nose is drying up nicely.  

I spent a few hours this morning at a spa!  My wonderful husband had scheduled a massage for me behind my back!  It was really heaven, so relaxing and refreshing.  The massage therapist asked about the degree of pressure that I liked for the deep-tissue massage...I replied that I like it as hard as she can do it without breaking bones, which made her chuckle.  Almost 40 minutes of hands, forearms, and elbows in my back and shoulders later, I was free of the knots that plague me!  Then I got a not-so-deep rest of the body massage.  Then I sat for a while in the sauna, then the steam room till I looked red like a lobster.  It was so nice!  Trav and I are determined to start taking better care of ourselves.  We've been doing a lot better as far as eating well and eating less, and have been losing weight just from that alone.  But we're going to the local Bally's this afternoon to take a tour of the gym and childcare center to see if we want to join up.  They're having a pretty rockin' special right now, and there's a gym about a mile from our house.  We'll see how it goes.  I'd love to start working out again.  I love how I feel when I'm working out.  I just feel better about myself, plus I feel relaxed, and I sleep better.  I'd like to get in shape before I get pregnant again.  Since it looks like we'll be trying again around July, it looks like I've got about 3-4 months to lose some weight and establish a routine so I won't fall out of it when I do conceive.  They have awesome classes and yoga (joy!!), and aqua classes at a different location that would be great for the later months of pregnancy.  When I got pregnant with Gavin, I was in a good schedule as far as working out.  Then morning sickness kicked my butt and I didn't go to the gym anymore after that.  I would love to try to have a healthy pregnancy, one that would also be conducive to an easier labor...or at least more endurance, anyway.  I plan on drinking my teas and taking my vitamins religiously and continuing to work out even if I don't want to.  Might help my back pain, too.  I suppose if I really worked out and watched my diet, I could lose about 20-25 lbs before we start trying.

Time to clean the house.  Blah.

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