Monday, March 30, 2009

More Newport Beach pics...

Here are a few more pics from the Newport Beach trip.  There are many more...I'll put them on my myspace if any family members out there want to see them!

The obligatory in-front-of-the-Christmas-tree pic.  It was the first week of December.  I love my boys!
My silly husband and brothers-in-law, wearing the bags that I crocheted for Amber, Janet, and Donna (respectively) as rasta hats.
This is as close to surfing as Trav got at Huntington Beach.  Scott and J-bo rented boards and tried, but they barely made it out past the break.  The waves were about shoulder-high for the most part, and  there were actually a few that were overhead.  I tried to tell them that the waves were bigger than they seemed, but they didn't listen to the old surfer-chick.  Hey, just because I haven't surfed in ages doesn't mean that I've forgotten everything!  Well, at least they can say that they surfed Huntington Beach...that's one thing I can't say!

I loved this...the look of bliss on Deklan's face, with the remnants of the Pacific sunset in the background...
If Trav wasn't being a total dork and Gavin wasn't sound asleep in the sling, this would have been an awesome family pic.  It's still one of my favs of the bunch.  The chick in the foreground is my new sister-in-law-to-be, Amber.  Welcome to the family, chickadee!

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