Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gracious, it's too early for this!

I already look 4 months pregnant!  I know it's just a (not-so-lovely) combination of my belly fat, stretched belly-skin, and bloating, but jeepers...really?  All of my maternity clothes are still in Florida.  It looks like Trav and his buddy Paul are going to road-trip it and go get our stuff in a couple of months, and by then I'll really be needing them.  For now, I can get by with wearing my scrubs tied a little looser, and wearing stretchy-waisted capris and skirts...I have several that are jersey knit, like t-shirts, so they're stretchy and airy and comfy.  I can't even suck in my tummy!  I think the uterus typically rises above the level of the pubic bone around 12 weeks, although I seem to remember Harmony being able to feel it already at my first appointment at 8 weeks.  She mentioned it and asked was I sure of my due date because my uterus felt more 12-week-ish.  Yes, I was sure of my dates, I guess my uterus was just expanding a little sooner due to that pregnancy being my second.  My fundal height measured ahead by at least 2 weeks the entire pregnancy, and at the end it was 48 cm!  My uterus just seems to know what to do and does it very well!  So, I figure I'll be legitimately "showing" in just a few short weeks!  I'm going to have to pick up a few maternity things, I'm sure, before we get our stuff from FL.  As of yet, I'm feeling pretty good.  I have "super nose" pretty bad, and every smell bothers me.  But thankfully what little nausea I've had is coming and going, so no true-blue morning sickness yet, just hormonal ick.  I'm hoping that, by staying well-nourished this pregnancy, I will stave off morning sickness altogether.  I've been taking my vitamins every day, and went ahead and got some Floradix with Herbs for later on in the game...I've gotten to be significantly anemic with both of my pregnancies.  I'm drinking my Pregnancy Tea by Traditional Medicinals, and trying to eat a very balanced and healthy diet.  Gavin is still nursing like a fiend, but I think that my hormones are changing my milk a bit.  When he nurses, he unlatches, looks at my breast, then looks at me with this quizzical look on his face and exclaims "Ehh?!?" like there's a problem or something.  Haha!  I'm hoping that he'll self-wean as my belly begins to get in the way, as I'm not sure how tandem-nursing will mesh with nursing a new baby on demand and then pumping at work when I return.  That just seems like a lot of boob action to me!

Well, we've been (barely) surviving while Trav has been gone.  I miss him so much!  I've been doing all of the work that we normally share, and I have to say that I have an even higher respect for him and what he does at home while I'm gone now that I've had a taste of it again!  In any event, I can't wait to go driving off tomorrow at midnight to go pick him up!!

So, I'm liking my new Blackberry Storm.  Verizon is having a 2-for-1 sale and we were due for our "new every 2" phones (where you get $100 toward an upgraded phone every two years), so we got an AWESOME deal on a pair of them.  It's pretty bizarre to be able to freely surf the web from your phone!  I can listen to my favorite "channel" on Pandora (online radio) from my phone, and even have an awesome (free!) app called "Epocrates" that's basically a drug book in my phone.  Referencing has never been so easy!  I have a bluetooth for it, but I haven't gotten it set up yet...Trav can do it for me when he gets home.  Hands-free is the only legal way to talk while you drive in California, not to mention that it'll be much easier while cleaning or nursing...and with another baby on the way!!

I've gotten active on MDC (the forums for Mothering Magazine, also known as Mothering Dot Community) again.  I took a bit of a hiatus after I returned to work full-time.  I had to find a balance in my life...being a wife, mommy, and sole provider is a tough juggling act!  So, I just couldn't justify spending so much time on the internet anymore, and basically cut it completely off.  Now I'm in a pretty good groove, have my priorities in order, and so I've allowed myself to get back on.  I'm really enjoying being a member of a DDC (Due Date Club)!  I'm also active again on my page at  So strange to be back...Deklan and Gavin were spaced apart so far that, now that I'm pregnant again, it seems like I was just pregnant a little while ago!  I really am thrilled now about being pregnant.  I'm settled in to the idea, and it's kind of cool to see again that God's plan ultimately rules!  Now, I wonder if God's plan includes a little girl in our lives?

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