Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American WHAAAA?!?

K.I.S.S. on American Idol?!?!  I thought this was a family show!  And what the *bleep* was Adam wearing anyway?!?  The massive platforms, the faux-winged-wire-thingies, the glitter gems under the eyes...holy snikey, man.  I'm really shocked.  I'm seriously still watching the show, this just ticked me off so badly that I had to post something.  On the other hand, I enjoyed Cindy Lauper and Allison, and Lionel Richie and Danny.  The Santana bit was pretty decent, too.  David Cook's song "Permanent" was awesome, quite a tribute to his late brother and his battle with cancer.  We downloaded it on iTunes, and all of the proceeds will go to a charity dedicated to finding a cure/treatments for brain cancer.  Oh, and on the topic of this being a family show, although I loved Kara's revenge on Bikini Girl, the whole bikini on stage and Kara ripping off her dress...good grief.

Steve Martin playing the banjo on American Idol?  Wow.

Rod Stewart is scary.  Travis just said that he thought he died like twenty years ago.  (just kidding)

I'm feeling a bit crampy right now, which I'm sure is adding to my mood.

KRIS ALLEN WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!   I totally did not see that coming!  Well, I had hoped that he would win, but I figured that Adam was a lock because of all of his theatrical drama, and his awesome voice.  I have to say, though, that I'd rather hear Kris's voice over the radio than Adam's any day.  Congrats, Kris!!

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