Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm procrastinating...

Yeah...I have a lot to do today, but I just don't feel inspired yet.  I've had a productive day, but I still have a long list.  It looks like the house rental should come through fine.  We're turning in all of the paperwork and submitting our deposit on Tuesday, then we'll move in June 15th.  Well, we won't move in, really, but we'll take the keys.  Our lease here is up at the end of June, and we want to have a little overlap time to be able to clean the new house, move in, then clean the apartment.  I want to paint a couple of rooms, and it's been O.K.'d by the owners...I don't want to paint the whole thing, especially since I'll be doing it all on my own.  Probably just the living/dining room and bedrooms.  Everything is white right now, and with the lovely brick fireplace in the living room, it feels a shame to leave it all stark white.  I'm thinking that a green of some sort would be nice, and compliment the red brick nicely.  Anyhoo, I plan on painting for a couple of days, then scouring the place from top to bottom before we move in.  It'll be so much easier with no stuff in it yet.  Travis already has plans to build my 4x4 square-foot gardening boxes, and a sandbox for the boys.  The garage has a huge workbench/tool area that he's just dying to take advantage of.  These pics don't really do the place justice, but they are the only shots that I have...the realtor sent them to me.

I really have to finish crocheting the baby blanket for Leslie.  I'm also going to make a few monogrammed burp cloths for her, using thismamamakesstuff's guidelines.  If you haven't checked out her blog in my sidebar, you should.  She's one crafty mama!  Leslie's main color is purple, so I'm dyeing them lavender/purple and have a really cute fat quarter in mind for the monogrammed "N" for her daughters name "Nicki" (I think that's how she's going to spell's a good thing it's just the first letter on the burp cloths!!!  :D).  The blanket is almost done, I only have about 6 inches left on it, then the border.  I'm just doing a single-crochet pattern, since the yarn is a boucle, then I'm going to borrow the border of the "Tiramisu Baby Blanket" pattern that I've used a few times, thank you Ravelry!

This morning I made the boys pancakes and a smoothie and turkey sausage, and Travis and I had eggs and turkey sausage, along with our coffee and a smoothie for me.  Trav doesn't like smoothies...weirdo.  I can't imagine why!  I've got the sheets in the dryer and a dark load in the washer, then I've got to wash the burp cloths a few times so they pick up the dye well.  I'd like to knock those out today, if at all possible.  I cleaned the kitchen and living room and our room, vacuumed, and spot-cleaned the bathrooms.  I still need to grocery shop and maybe pick up some paint chips from the store to get an idea of what I want in the house.  Trav has gotten hooked on my caesar salads, which have a custom-made dressing heavy in garlic and anchovies.  I didn't think he'd like the punch of the garlic and anchovy, but he really surprised me.  I like to chop up some boiled chicken and throw it in for a little protein, or shrimp if we have it.  

I haven't talked about birth much these last few posts.  I have to admit that I'm a bit preoccupied with the possibility of getting pregnant again soon.  Yes, baby fever.  I know I have weight to lose before we try again, but it won't be too long before fall arrives and we start thinking about trying again.  I think about it a lot.  In the meantime, I've enjoyed some of the blogs that I follow, reading birth stories and articles.  

Game 4 of the Red Wings vs. Blackhawks is going on right now.  I swear, one of the refs is getting paid to make calls in favor of the Blackhawks.  There have been some really bogus calls, especially in the last couple of games.  Well, go Wings...I know you can do it in spite of unfair referees!

I'm hoping that Trav will upload some pics onto the Mac for me, so I can add some pics that I've been wanting to add for quite some time.

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