Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My husband...

I know I don't talk about him that much on here, but I wanted to take a moment to sing his praises.  Yes, he's cranky from time to time, just like anyone.  But all in all, he's the best guy a girl could ever ask for.  He's a wonderful, caring, hard-working, and supportive husband.  With our traditional roles reversed at the moment, I feel that he bears the brunt of the emotional punishment.  He's used to going out and laboring, but now he stays at home with the kids, keeps the house clean, and deals with as much day-to-day stuff as he possibly can to make things easier for me.  He supports me as I work, encourages me when I need it, and is behind me all the way when it comes to going back to school.  He understands my passion for birth and listens when I rant about the state of maternity care in America and rave about midwives, birthing homes, and home births.  He dutifully comes to the computer to look at pictures when I find an old Victorian house in Michigan that I want to turn into my birthing home someday, and agrees that, yes, he can picture a birthing tub in front of that window or this bedroom turned into a birthing room.  He has become quite good at managing the finances so that's one less thing for me to worry about.  He's a great daddy.  I couldn't imagine my life without him.

My legs are so sore.  I was resource nurse again today, and again took on my own partial patient load in addition to my resource responsibilities.  I had a talk with my boss today (she's an FNP) and told her that I want to go back to school.  When I told her my plan, she was all for it.  She said that her goal was to be a family nurse practitioner by the time she was 40, and she did it by the time she was 41.  I suppose I'll be done by the time I'm 35, factoring in a little time off for potential babies in my future.  That's not half bad, I don't think.  I can't imagine myself 35 years old, though.  How odd.  I remember when my mom was 35.  She's such a pretty lady.  And Mom, I didn't just write that because I know you read my blog, either!  Travis always says that if I look anything like you look when I'm 50, he'll be the happiest man in the world!  Anyway, back to school.  I'm really turning in my application on time this time, so I'm hoping to start school the beginning of December.  Surprisingly, my boss was all for me starting school as soon as possible (no talk of how I'm not going to be able to balance life and work with fact, she said that moms are most often the best students, because of the time management factor...), and will even write me a reference.   Yay!  The application says that if we can get a reference from an NP or CNM, that bodes well for us.  Which reminds me, I need to request my transcripts from SPC tomorrow.  I always forget until the end of the day, then it's too late East Coast time to call, and the office is closed.  

So, Shawn Johnson won Dancing with the Stars!!  I was a bit surprised, to be honest...I thought for sure Gilles would clinch it.  I'm so happy for her!

And American Idol has a winner by now, East Coast time.  But I'm just about to make one of my magic smoothies for dinner and watch it.  I wonder who won?

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